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May 20, 2024 at 12:05:48 PM PDT May 20, 2024 at 12:05:48 PM PDTth, May 20, 2024 at 12:05:48 PM PDT

As the hot, humid air leaves the dryer and travels through the duct to escape to the outside, it’s important for this airflow to take any excess lint particles along with it.

The low profile DryerWallVent has a wide 4-inch diameter opening and gravity assisted damper to help air and lint escape. The DryerWallVent's 4-inch opening and lightweight damper allow for maximum airflow efficiency with zero airflow resistance. This can save homeowners money on their electric bills with reduced drying times. A drip edge helps to prevent rain and weather intrusion. The powder coating maintains its shine and helps to keep the DryerWallVent looking good in any climate. The damper door is designed to remain closed while not in use, helping to prevent wildlife from entering the dryer's duct.

Some additional features and highlights that have led to the continued success of the DryerWallVent include:

  • Get superior airflow efficiency with the DryerWallVent
  • A stylish, rugged and efficient wall vent termination
  • DryerWallVent is designed to minimize airflow restriction
  • Built in the USA with longevity in mind
  • The DryerWallVent meets or exceeds all code requirements for safely venting a dryer
  • Patented integrated magnets keep the damper closed when the dryer is not in use, keeping wildlife out of the dryer exhaust system
  • Rubber damper bumpers assist with making the damper closure quieter
  • A corrosion resistant powder coated finish keeps its shine and lasts a lifetime
  • Heavy 22-gauge Galvalume steel body with a lighter gauge steel damper
  • A low profile frame with recessed damper and hidden fasteners provide a look of elegance

DryerWallVent is easy to order! Simply visit the product page to learn more and place an order, https://www.betterventing.com/wall-vents

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