Which type of exterior dryer vent is best?

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The function of a clothes dryer is to extract moisture from the wet clothing through heat distribution and a tumbling action. That being said, the moisture must go somewhere. Ventless, or non-vented dryers, have a holding tank that collects the water, which must be emptied regularly. Vented dryers transport the moisture through the dryer’s exhaust duct to the exterior. The venting of moisture to the outside prevents it from building up in the laundry space and creating an environment for mold and mildew to thrive.

On the exterior end of the exhaust duct is a wall vent. The function of the wall vent, or wall cap as they are called in the building trade, is to keep the moisture-filled air flowing to the outside, allowing lint and particles to escape. Most exterior vents either have slats, covers or doors that open when the dryer is on to release the discharged airflow. Other functions include keeping birds and pests outside, as well as the elements. Keep in mind some vents perform better than others and some materials last much longer than others. That's why it is important to select the best dryer vent cover for your climate and the exterior of your home.

Dryer vents are available in several designs and materials, the most popular being either plastic or metal. If using a gas-powered clothes dryer, a metal exterior vent is highly recommended for safety reasons.

The most durable type of exterior wall vent cover is the type made of metal with a magnetic door or damper that remains closed when the dryer is not in use. When the dryer is activated, the door will automatically open as the air is expelled. Some plastic covers with several slats that open when the airflow begins do work well, however the slats often don’t close or seal properly when the dryer is not in use.

The DryerWallVent® is durable and built to last. This vent provides maximum airflow to make your dryer more efficient. The integrated magnets keep the damper closed to prevent birds and rodents from entering. With a corrosion-resistant powder coated finish, the DryerWallVent is the only vent you’ll need.

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