Venting Upwards Through the Roof?

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May 30, 2024 at 3:42:42 PM PDT May 30, 2024 at 3:42:42 PM PDTth, May 30, 2024 at 3:42:42 PM PDT

Until now, there was no way to use an out-of-the-box roof vent for clothes dryers. Code disallows the use of screens and requires a damper. Even when modified, the older style vents are too airflow restrictive to be compliant.

DryerJacks are the first roof vents designed to meet the more stringent venting requirements of dryer exhaust systems. Coupled with The RoofNeck, they work together to strengthen the ductwork connection.

The RoofNeck- The RoofNeck is a transition connection between the internal duct work and external roof vent termination, creating intuitive, spot-on, stronger and stable connections between the internal duct and roof termination.

Multiple methods of installation allow for a versatile fit to ensure the exhaust continues moving up, and out of the system.

DryerJack - Take performance through the roof by pairing The RoofNeck with the code-compliant DryerJack, an efficient roof termination that takes dryer venting to the next level. DryerJack is expertly designed with a wide, undiminished opening, unibody hood, seamless base and patented curved damper.

DryerJack allows for maximum airflow efficiency, yielding faster and safer drying times without the risks of clogs caused by screens. Made of deep-drawn Galvalume steel and powder coated to withstand the elements, the DryerJack is a low-profile and sleek addition, designed to let the lint out without letting the wildlife in.

DryerJack Model DJK477 is perfect to install for metal, low-profile tile, and asphalt shingle roofs with pitch between 3/12 and 12/12. The DryerJack is the choice to meet the demanding needs of dryer venting through the roof and for using mechanical components that will last for lifetimes.

Select the DryerJack for lasting performance. As well as the airflow efficiency gained from superior engineering, you will be able to count on its durability to stand up to the elements. Built tough in the USA, the watertight DryerJack will not fade or crack in the hottest, most arid conditions.

BetterVenting is committed to providing code-compliant products that improve the safety and efficiency of home venting, designed to make builders and homeowners happy.

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