DryerJack with The RoofNeck
Mill and Powder Coated Colors

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Include the advanced model DryerJack® with The RoofNeckTM for best practice installations. The RoofNeck, a transition connection between the internal duct work and external roof vent termination, makes it easier to install and connect the duct work to the roof vent, especially when the HVAC installers and roof installers are not installing at the same time. The RoofNeck can be installed on the exterior of the roof by the roofing team and can be easily connected to the interior duct work when that is installed in the attic. Conversely, the HVAC team can install The RoofNeck on the attic interior when installing duct work prior to the roof being completed, allowing easy connection of the vent termination when the time comes to attach a non-collar roof vent, such as the DryerJack.

The DryerJack Model DJK477 is an advanced low profile exterior roof vent with a unique curved damper and larger vent opening. The larger opening promotes superior airflow efficiency, exceeding the requirements of dryer exhaust systems. Additionally, it's easy to access for duct cleaning. The damper's unique curvature prevents birds and rodents from entering the dryer exhaust system, keeping visitors out and keeping your exhaust system safe. This low-profile style vent is best suited for medium snowfall regions, sloped roofs with flat profile cement tiles and other composite shingles. Does not provide adequate clearance in height for "S" or Barrel Tile roofs. The RoofNeck and the DryerJack Model DJK477 are both proudly manufactured in the USA from heavy 26 gauge Galvalume steel.

*Not designed for flat roof installation.

Available in either Mill Finish or powdercoated White, Brown or Black options. The powdercoated colors are corrosion-resistant and maintain their shine to last the test of time.

Additional Product Features

The RoofNeck:
  • The RoofNeck makes it easier to install and connect the duct work to the roof vent, especially when the HVAC installers and roof installers are not installing at the same time
  • The RoofNeck is designed for added versatility, making it ideal for use with DryerJack Model DJK477
  • Installation is easy!
  • View the detailed installation video with instructions on the video tab
  • The RoofNeck is deep draw manufactured from heavy 26 gauge Galvalume® steel
  • Proudly made in the USA!

DryerJack Model DJK477:
  • View the DryerJack product overview video on the video tab
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Deep draw manufactured from heavy 26 gauge Galvalume® steel
  • Available in Mill finish or powder coated White, Brown or Black
  • Low profile minimizes visibility
  • Designed for airflow-efficient performance, shortening drying times with energy savings
  • Patented hood's wide opening and curved damper are cleaning tool accessible
  • Damper keeps visitors out as it prevents birds and rodents from entering the dryer exhaust system
  • Meets the requirements of stringent Building Codes IMC 504 and IRC 1502.3
  • Choose from Mill Finish or White, Brown and Black powder coated colors
  • 11.75" x 11.50" nailing flange with rounded corners and pre-drilled nailing holes
  • Vent body measures 6.43" wide x 5" high
  • Installation is easy!

Additional Information:

Unlike other roof vents, this vent features a unique lightweight damper that is curved. The combination of the curved damper and a larger vent opening allow for maximum airflow efficiency, helping to reduce lint buildup and potential safety hazards. Drying times are reduced, saving energy and equipment wear and tear.

Get protection from pests with the DryerJack Model DJK477. The unique low-profile curved shape combined with the position of the damper inside the hood when closed deters birds and rodents from entering. DryerJack Model DJK477 dryer roof vent is quality constructed of Galvalume® steel and is built to last. The plate (flange) size is 11.75” x 11.50” with a 1.5" nailing flange on all four sides. It has a 4.12 inch diameter collar that accepts typical residential dryer exhaust conduit. The collar penetrates the plate about 1.25 inches and is sealed to the plate with a silicone bead. It will work on sloped roofs from 2/12 up to 12/12. For flat roof installs, we recommend installing our DJK486U (curb style) over a raised curb.

Note: Not recommended for use with a high-profile roof tiles like "S", Spanish S as there are only 5 inches between the opening and the bottom plate.

Galvalume: A patented alloy of barrier-resistant aluminum and corrosion-fighting zinc gives Galvalume its superior corrosion resistance. Most Galvalume substrates feature an alloy that is 55% aluminum, 43.5% zinc and 1.5% silicon. Tests have proven this alloy superior to the zinc-only coating used in regular Galvanized sheeting. Additionally it is Acrylic Coated, coating designation AZ-55. Complies with 2017 code M1502.3.1 (Exhaust termination passageway size).

Professional installation is recommended.

DIY'ers, we recommend Polyurethane Roof and Flashing Sealant

Not recommended for bathroom exhaust fans with less than 70 cfm output.


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Probably the best Made in America product I've ever bought.

by Stalones| 11/8/2021 12:00:00 am

This item seems to have been made very well. It's heavy-duty feeling and sturdy, I expect it will last a long while. I haven't installed this just yet but I don't anticipate any difficulties. I've tested it on my dryer and it performed well. I'd recommend this to everyone. They didn't have the color I wanted (brown) in stock so I went with white but oh well I don't expect the color to take away from its function. The company shipped it to me darn quick and it was well packaged arriving without any damage.