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Dryer Placard Label (sheet of 6)

13 Reviews


DryerPlacard - A Simple, Permanent Label Solution

The 2018 International Mechanical and International Residential Code now require a permanent label showing a duct runs' equivalent length. DryerPlacard is a nationally recognized solution that meets code requirements and makes it easier to use the dryer manufacturer's maximum allowed run-length. Made to last, the 3" X 4" DryerPlacard is thick velvet-textured 3M Scotchcal™ 3650-10 substrate with pressure sensitive Hi Tack adhesive that permanently sticks to a wide variety of surfaces including low energy surfaces such as plastics and powder coated paints. This label is generally applied on the baseboard or wall in proximity to the wall outlet or in the Dryerbox receptacle, if one exists. 

CLICK HERE to learn more about label requirements and the DryerPlacard. 

This item is for one sheet of 6 placards. 

View the 2018 International Mechanical Code Requirements

View the 2018 International Residential Code Requirements


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13 Reviews

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Dryer Placard Label

by Ryan| 11/21/2013 0:00:00

Inspectors love them. Starting to use these for all new construction in our area.

Dryer Placard

by Tri-State| 2/28/2012 0:00:00

If it makes my inspector happy it tickles me to death! Great product, great communication, fast processing/shipping!

Dryer place card label

by Derek| 6/19/2013 0:00:00

These stickers are now required for new construction in our area. After exhausting all efforts to find them locally I was able to find them here. It was exactly what the inspector was looking for. I have given this web site info to our Building Industry association. Thank You

Dryer Placard Labels

by Rob| 7/21/2014 0:00:00

They are perfect and meet the requirements of the building inspectors. Our homeowners do not mind them in their laundry rooms.

Dryer Placard Label

by Tim| 10/28/2015 0:00:00

The labels are high quality. Local inspector was also very impressed with the label. Fast shipping was also a plus. Thanks

Dryer Placard Labels

by Becky at Lucky Lint Company| 9/12/2015 0:00:00

This is exactly what I was looking for. The labels are high quality, the shipping was fast, and the follow-up customer service was amazing.

Dryer Vent Placards

by Lisa Phillips| 4/28/2011 0:00:00

These cards satisfied our local building officials - they would not pass our final inspections without these labels. Prompt shipping too!

Dryer vent labels

by Shirley| 5/18/2013 0:00:00

The product was exactly what we needed. It was easy to order and we received them in a very timely manner.

Exactly as Needed

by Dayton Heat/Air| 10/26/2015 0:00:00

Per code requirements and these are just as needed!

Great item

by DHJ Builders Inc| 8/26/2011 0:00:00

After this item being requested by an inspection and not being able to find it locally, we are so glad we found it on this site, it was exactly what we needed for our project. Thank you!

Makes the inspector happy

by Tin Man| 11/30/2014 0:00:00

They have to be installed in our area per code. I know I can get them from a different source but this works great for the inspector.


by Charlie Carter| 1/19/2012 0:00:00

This did the trick for our inspector. Never heard of needing this before, but this was the ticket. Ordered it and it was shipped right away.


by Jamie| 9/14/2012 0:00:00

We are a residential builder and now required to provide this sticker. So happy to find it here and shipping was super fast.