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Dryer ducts - Are yours up to code?

Many homeowners are unaware of the role a clothes dryer vent plays in home safety. Dryer exhaust systems transport moisture from a wet load of laundry to the exterior via the dryer exhaust duct. This exhaust system also transports lint, highly flammable fibers from clothing that make their way past the lint filter, to the outside.

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What dryer sheets do to you, your clothes and your dryer

Dryer or fabric softener sheets can be found in almost every laundry room. Tossed in with every load, they add fragrance, make the fabrics softer to the touch and reduce static cling. How does this work and are dryer sheets safe for clothes dryers?

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Dryer Not Heating? Troubleshooting Tips for Dryer Problems

They're called dryers for a reason: to actually dry your clothes. When you’ve got wet clothes after running a load in the dryer, your appliance isn’t doing its job. A few tips for things to check prior to placing a service call are as follows:

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Reasons to switch to Smart Sheep® Wool Dryer Balls

Do you realize that dryer sheets and fabric softeners contain toxins that directly touch your skin?

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Is my pet’s fur affecting the dryer?

We love our furry friends and have come to accept the multicolored strands of fur that attach to our clothing and accompany us to business meetings. This constant reminder each time we look down, as cute as you might think it is, is a fire hazard.

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Venting inefficiencies can lead to a fire hazard

The goal of BetterVenting is to provide you with valuable information on dryer efficiency and performance and to create awareness on the importance of dryer safety.

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